Despicable Me 2 Makeup Look

Despicable Me 2 Makeup Look 1

Inspired by Sahily from PrettyInPigment, this lovely Despicable Me 2 Makeup Look is perfect for a themed party, birthday party or Halloween. To create this makeup, you can follow the directions and the pictures below.

You will need:
– eye shadow primer;
– yellow, white, gray, blue eye shadows;
– blue mascara;
– black eye liner;
– blue eye liner;
– a few brushes;
– applicators.

Directions: Apply primer all over the lids. Extend beyond the crease. Prime the lower lash line/ lid areas. Paint your eyebrows in blue. Now, you can start painting the little minion on the left eye. Use yellow eye shadow to make the minion’s body/ head and don’t forget to make also a little hand. Place 2 white dots for the minion’s eyes and define them with gray eye shadow. Take the black eye liner and create the minion’s eyeballs, the hair, the hand, the glasses lines and a cute smiling mouth. Use some white over the black parts you have painted to give a 3D effect. For the right eye, apply yellow shadow on the lid, then sweep blue into the crease. Delimit the colors by drawing a blue line, using the blue eye liner. Line also the upper lash line. Now, for both eyes, line lower lashes with blue eye liner and finish with blue mascara. Enjoy!

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Despicable Me 2 Makeup Look Photo courtesy:  PrettyInPigment.

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