Delightful Chairs With Quirky Characters by Irina Neacsu

Chairs With Quirky CharactersChairs-Miss-One-Miss-Due

Chairs have never looked more chic and appealing, you’ve got to agree with me on this one! The Romanian designer Irina Neacsu launched a collection of chairs with character. The “eccentric” pieces of furniture are ideal to decorate any space with some classic accents. Each character-chair is unique, manually personalized through textile mixes and techniques that characterize thecraftlab  brand. The colors, the “fun” elements, the mix of textures, embroidery and textile prints define this creative universe. The characters symbolized by these chairs are: Mr Him and Ms Her, the traditional couple Draga and Dragu from  the Seasons series, the urban fashion duet Miss One and Miss Due. A combination of classical and modern, these chairs transform any interior into a playful, creative and bright one. Enjoy!

Chairs With Quirky Characters Chairs-Seasons-Collection OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Chairs With Quirky Characters Melancholy-02 Chairs With Quirky Characters Nostalgia-02 Chairs With Quirky Characters Nostalgia-Print-01

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