Delicious Chocolate Lasagna Recipe

Even if this sounds strange, but yes, there is such thing as chocolate lasagna and it tastes amazing. Try out this delicious recipe if you are a sweets lover as we are. It is very easy to make as you buy all the ingredients separately, and you just assemble them into a delicious lasagna dessert. Time is precious and cooking a cake requires a certain effort and dedication, but not if you make this recipe.

What you will need:
– a package of Oreo biscuits;
– chocolate chips;
– a package of chocolate pudding mix;
– cool whip;
– cream cheese icing (like Cool Whip);
– a cake pan, ziplock bag and some kitchen tools like knives and spoons.


1. The first layer of the lasagna will be made of Oreo biscuits so you have to take them, put them into the ziplock back and start smashing. After you have finished with this spread them into the cake pan.
2. The next layer will be the cream cheese icing, just gently spread it over the biscuits. Use a spoon for this step to be easier.
3. Make the chocolate pudding and add it over the cream cheese then add another layer of oreo biscuits over it if you have more left. This will make it more crunchy.
4. Add the Cool Whip on top of everything then top the lasagna you have just made with chocolate chips and you are done.

This recipe is extremely easy to make, it’s great for when you welcome guests or for a quick dessert for the kids and remember that you can make changes with the layers and combine them in different ways, maybe you want to add more biscuits to it, it’s only up to you and your tastes.

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