Deep Blue Makeup Tutorial

We have to admit that deep blue is a quite bold color and for sure not many of us would dare to wear it. Some special occasions ask for something more out of the ordinary, more like a celebrity look, so because it is not a makeup you will make everyday, it is worth to have it on the list for these type of rare events and it is good to know how to make it. The effect of this type of makeup on the eyes it is amazing, so lets find out how to make it.

Deep Blue Eye Shadow Tutorial

What you will need:
– eyeshadow primer;
– black and gold eyeliner;
– brown eyeshadow;
– light blue and deep blue eyeshadow;
– different makeup brushes;
– mascara.

1. Apply an eyeshadow primer on the lids then draw a black semi circle on them as you can see in the pictures.
2. Take the gold eyeliner and line your lower lash line then apply some more on the inner corners of the eyes.
3. Apply some brown eyeshadow over the black line and blend it upwards, then blend it with the black.
4. Take the light and deep blue eyeshadows and start applying them on the lids.
5. Line your upper lash line with black and with the same color waterline your bottom lash line.
6. Apply mascara and your bold makeup look is ready!

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