Cute Shoelace Braid – DIY Hairstyle

You have probably seen a lot of tutorials online about classic braids and if you would like a hairstyle with a slightly different way of braiding this article is the perfect inspiration for you. This braiding technique is called shoelace braiding, because it is very similar with how shoelaces look on your sports shoes. Maybe you think this is almost impossible to make, but everything is quite simple, if you know how to make a knot the rest will be extremely easy. You won’t believe it, but this is a 10 minutes hairstyle as it is so fast to make, especially after you have learned and understood the steps you have to follow.

Cute Shoelace Braid - DIY Hairstyle

What you will need:
– hair mousse that is volumizing;
– some hair elastics;
– some bobby pins.

1. Apply the volumizing mousse to your hair from the roots to the end so the shoelace braids stay tightly.
2. Split your hair in the middle of your head, then starting from the right side take 2 small hair strands and make a knot.
3. Then take another 2 small hair strands from a little lower, gather each one with the previous one from the upper knot and make another knot.
4. Repeat the process until you almost reached the back of your head and secure with some bobby pins.
5. Do the same on the left side of your head, then gather all of your hair in a big ponytail,
6. Make a fishtail braid on the hair left then twist it in a bun and your hairstyle is ready!

Photo courtesy: cosmopolitan.

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