Cute Party Makeup – DIY Tutorial

Parties require a little more makeup on the eye and for that reason we decided to show you a tutorial where you can learn how to apply darker colors on your eyelid! This is a perfect look for parties and night time events and we are sure you will find this so easy to make. Darker colors don’t suit anyone, so you have to consider that before trying a dark color, but don’t worry, you can easily replace the eyeshadow used in the tutorial with something that really suits you like pink, purple or even more cream colors (as long as you make sure some makeup can still be seen on your lid). Be a little more bold and experiment with this, you won’t regret it!

What you will need:

– a pencil eyeshadow in the color you like (we used golden brown);
– primer (for the pencil);
– black or brown eye pencil;
– mascara;
– different makeup brushes.


1. First thing to do is to apply the eyeshadow primer on both lids then grab your pencil.

2. Apply a great amount of product on your eyelids (just under the crease line), then with the help of your fingers or some makeup brushes (if you have any), smudge the edges of the makeup right up to the crease.

3. You can use the eye pencil to line your eyes if you would like that or you can just leave the look as it is.

4. Apply some mascara in the end to give more volume to the lashes and make your eyes look bigger. Your party eyes are ready!

Cute Party Makeup - DIY Tutorial

Source: thebeautydepartment.

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