Cute Marshmallow Sheep Cupcakes – Recipe

If you love cupcakes and you are passionate about finding new ways to decorate them, you came to the right place. You will find here a recipe that will delight not only your taste buds but also your eyes. Make them for a party, for your guests and if you have children involve them in the making process as they will love it as much as eating the final product. We will explain the recipe to you as simple as possible so you will have no problems making the cute marshmallow sheep cupcakes. You will get directions on how to make the completely white sheeps, and if you would like to try out the other ones, just get a few different colored marshmallows (pink, green, etc.) and some black gumdrops (for the black headed sheep cupcakes) and follow the same instructions. You can also check out the video below to see a nice recipe for lamb cupcakes.


What you will need:
– white cake mix;
– white and chocolate icing;
– regular marshmallows;
– mini marshmallows;
– ziploc bag;
– cupcake sleeves;
– some scissors and different kitchen bowls and utensils.

1. Bake your cupcakes following the instructions from the box of the white cake.
2. For each cupcake you will use around 15 small marshmallows and one regular one.
3. After you have prepared everything you need, start with frosting your cupcakes with the white icing (if you put too much it will leak, if you don’t put enough, the marshmallow won’t stick to the icing so you want to find the right amount).
4. Cut your regular sized marshmallow in half, then squash one piece into a head looking figure.
5. Put your chocolate icing into the ziploc and cut one end of it so you can use it to decorate and make the eyes and nose of the sheep.
6. Place the head on the white icing.
7. Cut the other piece of the regular marshmallow into half and use pieces to make the ears as you can see in the pictures.
8. Continue with adding the mini marshmallows to the cupcake to make the “wool” and you are done!

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