Cute Home Slippers – DIY Crochet

Cold days are coming and doesn’t hurt to have some cute slippers for inside the house. If you know how to crochet you will love this project and will find it very easy. If you are still a beginner there is no problem as the slippers doesn’t require complicated patterns, you will still love it even if it will appear a little difficult. Great to make them for you, for family, as gift or to be used when guests are coming around.


What you will need:
– yellow wool for crocheting (choose a different color if you want);
– crocheting kit;
– some insoles (size depends on the person’s foot size);
– thread and needle for hand sewing;
– a hook;
– scissors;
– ribbon for decoration.

Directions: Start with making holes in the insoles and then crochet around with the wool and hook. Go around the entire insole then start making the upper part of the slippers. As you can see in the pictures start with the middle of the front area and crochet until you get the model. It looks like a half hat. Take the thread and needle and sew the upper part to the insole and secure. In the end attach the ribbon to the slippers for a pretty and chic look.  For more details and instructions check out: Translated Version.

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