Cute Hair Bow – Tutorial

Hair Bow 1

Do you love bows? Discover how to make a lovely bow with your own hair so you can feel special fancy.


Start by taking a little hair from each part of your head.
Tie both sections of hair together with an elastic to make a half ponytail. Don’t pull the ends through the elastic the last time you wrap it to realize a loop as in the picture.
Split the loop in half to make two smaller loops and clip one loop aside for later.
With your fingers, spread out the loop and push it flat against your head into a bow shape. Insert one bobby pin going from top to bottom and one going from bottom to top.
Do it again on the other side to complete the bow shape.
Pick up the remaining ends of the ponytail and wrap them up and around the elastic to hide it. Use some bobby pins underneath to secure it.

Hair Bow 2
Hair Bow 3
Hair Bow 4
Hair Bow 18
Hair Bow 17
Hair Bow 5
Hair Bow 19
Hair Bow

Photo courtesy: HairandMakeupbySteph

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  1. Wow this bow was really cute it worked for me so gray job on the tutorial it helped and know I can do it perfect

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