Learn How to Make Your Own Hair Bow

When we hear of hair bow, we tend to think of colorful hair bows you clip on your hair. The simple accessory is fitting for any occasion; formal, casual, or somewhere in between. But forget the conventional hair clips. Welcome a whole new style of hair bow, made of your hair. The hair bow style is actually pretty old, but it’s not something you see very often. Many people think that it would be difficult to create the hairstyle; while in fact, you can make it in just a few steps.

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First, you should make sure your hair is ready for styling. Comb your hair to remove knots or tangles. Then make a small section of hair on both sides of your head. Then, you would need an elastic band to tie both sections together. Instead of a full ponytail, you would have to create a loop. Make sure the loop is firm, then split the loop. Clip one of the sides. Carefully place one bobby pin from the bottom, and another one from the top. After you’ve done, repeat the step for the other side. Use your hair to cover the elastic band by wrapping it around the band. Place and bobby pin to secure it. For detailed instructions and images please visit HairAndMakeupBySteph. The video below may help you likewise!

These steps would work if you want a small hair bow. For a “full-head” bow, the steps are pretty much the same, but you’d have to pull all your hair back into a ponytail, divide the loop, and use the loose strand of hair in front of the bow then pull it back to create the middle piece of the bow.

Both styles work for both long hair and medium to short hair, curly hair, and layered hair. Colored hair gives the bow more volumes, so feel free to experiment with the hairstyle. You may need to use hairspray or hair gel to make sure the bow is firm enough.

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  1. Wow this bow was really cute it worked for me so gray job on the tutorial it helped and know I can do it perfect

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