Cute Bear Nail Art – DIY

Bear Nail Art Design Tutorial

When it comes to nails, possibilities for designs are endless. Think of all the cute animals and flowers you can draw on them. If you love bears, we will show you today how to make one on your nail and you wouldn’t imagine how simple and easy it is. This bear nail design is combined with fun dotted nails, but if you want you can make a cute and small little bear on each and every nail.

What you will need:
– base coat;
– white, coral and black nail polishes;
– dotting tool.

1. Apply a good layer of base coat on the nails then apply a layer of white polish on the nails you want to make the bears and where you want to make coral dots. Paint the rest of the nails in coral.
2. After the nail polish has dried, take one nail with white polish on it and in the corner, draw an almost half circle as you can see in the pictures.
3. Then with the dotting tool, make two dots that will be the ears of the bear.
4. Make with the white polish a small almost half circle which will be part of the nose, then take the black polish and make three dots, two for the eyes, one over the white area you previously made.
5. Apply two, even smaller white dots on the black dots for the eyes, then start taking care of the other nails.
6. Where you don’t want bears, just make some dots with the dotting tool!

Photo courtesy: Suzi.

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