Cute And Easy Side Twisted Bun – DIY Hairstyle

We know you all love buns especially on days you are not in the mood to wash your hair and you just want to make something out of it. Choices are almost infinite, there are so many ways you can make buns and we presented you a lot of methods before. Each time we come with something new for you and unseen and today we have a side twisted bun that is extremely easy to make. This is one of those 5 minutes hairstyles you can make at any time. You can make it at home, you can make it in the car (if you are in a rush), you can make it in the bathroom of a restaurant (if you feel you want to gather your hair in a bun so it doesn’t bother you when you eat). Just don’t forget to carry some bobby pins with you!


What you will need:
– some bobby pins;
– a hair clip.

1. Split your hair into two sections, one in the front and one in the back.
2. Secure the hair from the front with the hair clips so you can easily work with the hair from behind.
3. Start twisting your hair on the side you want your bun to be then keep twisting it round and around until you have your bun. Secure with as many bobby pins you think you need in order for the hairstyle to stay as it is.
4. Now, unclip the hair from the front and start twisting it, then go with it around the bun you previously made by securing it step by step wit some bobby pins.
5. That was all, probably it takes you more time to read our article then to make the bun, it is so easy! Enjoy it!

Photo courtesy: yetanotherbeautysite.

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