Cut Out Shoes and Painted BackPack by Lulu’s

Cut out shoes and color block backpack

Lulu’s made this lovely project for the beginning of school in a chic way. To make the same, check out the directions and the pictures below.

You will need:
For shoes:
– sneakers;
exacto knife or scissors.
For backpack:
a backpack;
acrylic paint;
paint brush.

Directions: Change the design of your sneakers by cutting out along the seams on each side of the shoe. Do the same for the shoe tongue area. It will be easier to work if you remove the laces. Now, use the brush and the acrylic paint to color your backpack, on the sides you wish. If the color of the bag is dark, then you will have to use white paint as base, then color. Let dry after each coat you apply. Enjoy!

Cut out shoes and color block backpackPhoto courtesy: Lulu’s.

Keep being AllDayChic!

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