Best Things You Can See In One Day Of Halong Bay

Cruise trips are hardly regrettable. In fact, it is often a dream come true for many! A perfect cruise vacation offers great value for money and time. But it can be even more exciting when you are choosing a destination like Halong Bay in Vietnam for your upcoming tour. It has become one of the leading choices for travelers in the recent years.

A substantial percentage of adventurers, travel enthusiasts, have been exploring the amazing one-day tours of Halong bay. The one day tour packages are pretty popular and there will be a lot to cover in them. The nature site is loaded with several attractions and you can easily get confused.

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Tourists are recommended to see everything worth enjoying. If this caught your interest, all you have to do is booking a day trip to Halong. Before that, check out some of the worthy attractions that you can expect your tour package to cover!

1. Dinh Huong Islet

This island is situated in the Southwest of Dau Go Island. It is a section of beautiful rock right in the middle of the dark blue sea. The shape of the rock is often considered to be similar to an incense burner. This is precisely where it derived its name from. The water is so transparent that the bed of the four sides of the rocks can be noticed. The biggest mystery related to it is how and when it was formed.

2. Fighting Cock Rocks

This is one of the most popular attractions that are included in most packages. You will definitely be visiting this. It is also known as Trong Mai Islet or the kissing bird. It is an absolute charm in the Halong bay. People around the world know it by its various charming names.

3. Thien Cung Cave

Like the Dinh Huong Islet is situated in the south, the Thien Cung Cave is situated in the northern part of the Dau Go Island. If you have a flair for places with air and blend of ancient and peaceful atmosphere, your tour would not be complete without this attraction.

4. The Sung Sot Cave

If you love caves and dark places, you will really enjoy this one from your cruise. Shocking wave is the actual meaning of its name. Travelers generally are surprised and are shocked by its mysterious, dark, unique beauty. They give out an astonished expression when they get in the cave for the first time. So you can definitely guess why it is named so now!

If you are a traveler by heart and like to cherish cruise tours under pouring nature, mesmerising flora and fauna, you would certainly not regret this tour!

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