Creative Zipper Bracelet – DIY

Creative Zipper Bracelet - DIY

Today, we chose to present you another great project that can very easily be done in the comfort of your own home in order to enrich your collection of handmade accessories. Prepare yourself to tackle some zippers and stand out! There are only a few materials you will need to create this beautiful zipper bracelet and those are listed down below. See also the directions and the videos.

You will need:
– old or new zippers in your favorite colors;
– scissors;
– needle nose pliers;
– pinch crimps;
– clasps;

Directions: First, take two zippers and make sure they are long because they will need to be wrapped around your wrist at least two times. Cut down the material sides of the zippers, basically cut them down to the teeth, and attach a clasp in a way that will hold both ends. Also gather the other sides of the two zipper like in the pictures and you are done. If you want to create a braided zipper bracelet, just take three half zippers in your desired colors, attach clasps to the ends, braid it and clasp again. You can also sew, by your choice pearls or flowers to the bracelet to make it more outstanding than it already is. If you never tried making jewelry before this project could be a great start for you because of its easy making process. We hope that you will try this out and share some of your experiences with us!

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Photo courtesy: brit.

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