Creative Wire Nail Art Tutorial

This is a very creative and interesting nail art that involves sticking thin strings to your nails. It is inspired by holidays and all the beautiful little lights we use in those periods of time. So, if you want to be more out of the ordinary, you can try this out and be sure that your lights will attract the attention of everyone. The tutorial is easy to make and it is even more ingenious because you won’t only draw some black lines on your nails, you will actually use strings.


What you will need:
– white, green and red nail polish;
– clear coat;
– cuticle nippers;
– black string;
– small brush.

1. Apply a layer of white nail polish to your nails, then a layer of clear coat and don’t let it dry.
2. Immediately apply the black strings and here you can make some little loops and all kinds of designs from them.
3. After you have applied the string, add one more layer of clear coat and wait for everything to dry.
4. Cut the end of the strings down with the cuticle cutter.
5. Take the red and the green polishes and start making small dots like you would make some small light bulbs and let them dry.
6. Apply a nice top coat over everything you have previously made and you are done!

Photo courtesy: thebeautydepartment.

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