Creative Skeleton Cupcakes – DIY Recipe

Make this special looking skeleton cupcakes for Halloween and not only, also for special themed parties where you can impress everyone with them. The spooky holiday is arriving soon so you should save this recipe to the must make list for Halloween. Besides looking amazing, the cupcakes are also delicious, marshmallows, pretzels and white chocolate, yumm, there is no way that this combination is a fail. So, don’t think too much and make one of the most cutest cupcakes for this awesome holiday that is approaching. The quantity for the ingredients depends on how many you want to make and you can feel free to decide that by yourself.


– a few cupcakes bought or even backed by you;
– pretzels covered in white chocolate;
– large marshmallows;
– some orange and black sprinkles;
– lollipop sticks;
– food writer or black icing;
– some white frosting.

1. After you have backed the marshmallows let them cool down or if you have bought them, even better, you can start the assembly right away.
2. Take the lollipop sticks and if they are too long cut down something like an inch from them, press the marshmallows so they become a little flat then insert one stick in one marshmallow.
3. Draw some silly faces with the food writer on each marshmallow.
4. Now, you will make the bones of the skeleton with the help of the pretzels, insert one into the stick, but some frosting on the stick then insert another one, frosting again and another pretzel. The frosting will keep the pretzels in place.
5. Add 2 pressed marshmallows to the cupcake and use frosting to make them stick to it, then insert the skeleton to the middle of the marshmallow.
6. The frosting from above the cupcake should be covered with sprinkles.
7. Make the arms by cutting a pretzel in the middle into two and with the help of some frosting attach them to the part between the head and the first bone.
8. Your skeletons are ready!

Source: cookiesandcups.

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  1. The directions are not clear. Wouldn’t you put the pretzels first into the popsicle stick and then the marshmallow for the head? The instructions states to insert the head first. And then the preceding instructions don’t make sense at all.

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