Creative Nail Art Using a Net

This is a nail art tutorial that is one of a kind, easy to make and creative looking. You might compare it to a snake skin, it looks very similar to it, or maybe with a painting of an artist. Either way, when you are tired of classic looking nails, try out this design. You can use the same colors as here or you can change them and work with different shades with pink, red, or yellow, basically whatever you would like.

Creative Nail Art Using a Net

What you will need:
– white nail polish;
– net or mesh;
– brown and yellow nail polish;
– light brown and green nail polish;
– top coat.

1. Apply a layer of white nail polish to your nails and let it dry.
2. Place a piece of net over your nail and start adding and filling with yellow polish a few squares of the net.
3. Add the brown polish in the middle of the nail then add some light brown and green polish into the squares that are left undone.
4. Let everything dry a little bit then remove the net.
5. Do the same for every nail and you will enjoy these creative looking nails.

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Photo courtesy: rozemist.

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