Creative Lighting Options That Will Add Character To Your Home

Most homes have very similar lighting – overhead lamps, maybe paired with a ceiling fan, small table lamps, and tall floor lamps. It can get boring after a while and it’s time to get out of this rut. Creative lighting can help your home stand out and allow you to express your personality, not just see more clearly. Check out these 5 fun and fashionable alternatives to your basic lamp and take your home to the next level.

1. Consider A Pendant

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Overhead lighting is the most common style found in bathrooms, but it’s terrible for applying makeup and getting ready. Swap out those fixtures for the more subtle tones of a pendant light. Pendant lights are ideal for spaces with little natural light and provide a mood similar to what you would get from a sconce – gentle and muted rather than harsh and yellow.

2. Try A DIY

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Most people don’t think to modify their own lamps, maybe because it feels too close to doing electrical work. Whatever the reason, though, there are actually a number of easy and attractive crafts you can do to upgrade your home’s lighting. This lace bulb cover, for example, only requires a few supplies and can be placed over a basic bare bulb, providing an elegant cover for what might otherwise be an eyesore.

3. Style The Small Spaces

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One great way to upgrade your home’s lighting is by focusing on often overlooked spaces, such as the windows and bookshelves. Use lighting to style these spaces by placing battery operated candles in the windows or fixing a small lamp to the underside of the bookshelf to illuminate art or photographs underneath. This kind of lighting is as much about accessorizing the space as it is about any sort of function, but such small elements can have a big impact on the space.

4. Print It Personally

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3D printing has left its mark on every industry, including the lighting world, so if you’re looking for something unique, consider investing in a custom light piece. Gantri accepts custom light designs and handles the production and sales, meaning you can design and 3D print your own lamp and other people can buy it too. What’s more, these custom lamp designs fall comfortably within the price range of a quality lamp, with even the most expensive under $200, so you can easily afford to outfit your home with your own designs.

5. Light Meets Sound

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Smart speakers are one of the most popular pieces of smart home technology on the market today, and while designers are working on improving the styling of these items, they’re still an awkward fit – but Ikea has taken a smart step by turning the Sonos smart speaker into lamp. The Sonos makes an attractive base, but can also be networked with other speakers from the company’s line, while the lamp topper fits neatly with Ikea’s sleek aesthetic. Though it could still use some tweaks – the style and interface will likely improve in the next few years – this lamp is a good step towards integrating smart speakers with the broader home environment.

Lighting has a powerful impact on a home’s style, shedding light on other decorative elements, serving a key functional role, and shaping how we use different spaces. Because it’s so pragmatic, though, we often overlook the aesthetics of the lamp themselves. Next time you turn on a light, take a moment to really look at it. Does it fit into your home’s style or could it do more to bring life to your home? If the answer is the latter, it may be time to try something new.

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