Creative Halloween Tights That Make Your Costume Even More Awesome


As a girl, if you wear the type of Halloween costume that has a skirt with it or something short and provocative you will probably need to wear some tights. Usually around this time of the year it gets quite cool at night so you don’t want to wander around with your legs outside without any other protection.

If you wear the right type of tights they can massively enhance the costume you have and you will find out why we say this in the pictures that will follow. We have for you 18 creative and awesome tights that are everything but not ordinary.

Most of them can be bought in stores but the good news is that if you have a little patience you can turn some simple ones in awesome ones that will go in the same tone with your costume, everything in the comfort of your own house.

From creepy ripping out flesh, cockroach tights and blooded ones to spider leg, flying bats and skeleton bones you will see here a large variety of tights. We said you can make these at home and we were not kidding, you will only need some simple tights, some textile paint and some brushes.

Take the desired model from here and with the help of these products, transfer the desired model on your tights. Hope you will enjoy them and we would love to know if you would try them out!

Bleeding Leg

Creative Halloween Tights (3) Flying Bats Creative Halloween Tights (4)

Cockroach Tights Creative Halloween Tights (5) Black Widow Creative Halloween Tights (6)  Ligaments and Muscles Creative Halloween Tights (8)  Packing Heat Creative Halloween Tights (9) Skeleton X-Ray   Creative Halloween Tights (10)  Sally From Nightmare before Christmas Creative Halloween Tights (12) Sally’s co-star Jack from Nightmare Before Christmas  Creative Halloween Tights (13)  Dancing Skeleton Tattoo Creative Halloween Tights (15)

Frankenstein Stitching

Creative Halloween Tights (16) Haunted House Creative Halloween Tights (17) Blood Splatter Creative Halloween Tights (18)

Source: diply.

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