Creative Eggs Recipe for Funny Events

Parties are a great way to bring friends together and socialize. If you are hosting one, we are sure you ask yourself what you should serve to your guests, from food to beverages. This eggs recipe is perfect for a lot of type of parties, it is easy to make and has a great visual impact. Besides good taste, we are sure you want to impress everyone with the aesthetics of the food and the creative arrangement of the table. Eggs make us think of Easter time, but this recipe can really be made and served no matter the period of year we are in.

Creative Eggs Recipe for Funny Parties

– some food coloring;
– 10 eggs or more, it depends on the number of the guests;
– mayonnaise;
– paprika and other ingredients of your choice for decorations;
– tools as bowls, glasses and kitchen utensils.

1. Boil the eggs in a bowl, then let them cool down for 15 minutes in cold water.
2. Peel them and cut them into 2 by taking the yolks and putting them in a different bowl (you will need them later). Arrange the eggs on a plate.
3. Prepare some glasses with water and food coloring and start inserting the eggs in it, let them in the water as much as you want then take the eggs out and place them on some paper to dry a little bit.
4. While the eggs are sitting, take the yolks, mash them and mix with mayonnaise until you create a creamy paste.
5. Fill in the eggs with the paste, place them on a nice plate and start decorating with some paprika or green leaves as you wish.
6. Keep them in the fridge until they are served.

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