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There are plenty of gorgeous earrings on the market, but if you’re a fan of anything dark and mysterious, you’d seriously love these gothic earrings. Most of the time we associate earrings (or jewelries in general) with parties, silver dresses, or formal events. But do you know that you can rock these unique gothic earrings every day? And they would make a great gift in case you know someone who’s into gothic stuff.

There are different kinds of gothic earrings. Some are large; large enough to cover your ears, but some are small and simple enough in case you don’t want to stand out (or if you’re going off for work). Most, however, are black in color, but you can also find silver, golden, red, or green gothic earrings. Most of the time, gothic earrings feature mythical creatures such as dragons or snakes, as well as skulls and arrows. Some have intricate details, but some are not.

Gothic earrings aren’t necessarily more expensive than regular earrings. Some are sold for $5 a pair, some slightly pricier. They come in a variety of styles such as stud earrings, bangle earrings, hoop earrings and dangling earrings.

Our personal favorite, however, would The Night With Goethe Earwrap. Though it’s not exactly your conventional earring, the handcrafted ear wrap is as gorgeous and comfortable. The price is actually pretty reasonable, since the antique ear wrap features an intricate detail of the bat wing.

If you’re looking for something classier for everyday use, however, you can opt for Black Teardrop Earrings . The handmade earrings use black acrylic stones plated with silver plating that accentuates the gothic feel.

If neither suits your taste, you can always find more collections of gothic earrings online. Awaken the inner Goth in you with them!

gothic earrings
gothic earrings

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