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Have a lot of buttons in the house and you don’t know what to do with them? Don’t let them sit around when you can make a pretty button bowl in no time. This is a creative and unique piece of decoration and you can make it for yourself and offer it as a gift and we are sure they will appreciate it. Supplies used to make this bowl are very cheap and compared to the final results, the investment is minimal. If you have children, this is an awesome project to try out with them on a rainy day, they will love to be creative and make the bowl. See also the video below to find the procedure.


What you will need:
– different flat buttons in the colors of your choice, you can create whatever you want;
– a few balloons;
– a glue that dries clear like Elmer’s white glue or Tacky glue;
– large paintbrush;
– scissors;
– a cup you will use to balance the balloon while it dries;
– some newspapers to keep your supplies on.

1. Start with blowing up the balloon to the desired size, if you want your bowl to be bigger you blow the balloon more and then place it into the cup.
2. Apply the glue with the paintbrush over more than half of the surface of the balloon and let it dry very well.
3. Apply a second coat of glue over the previous one then start attaching the buttons as close as you can one next to the other until you cover half of the balloon.
4. Now you will apply the third layer of glue over the buttons and allow the glue dry very well. If you want to strengthen the bowl even more, consider applying 4 layers of glue in total.
5. When you feel that the bowl is entirely dry, use the scissors to cut the knot of the balloon so the air can slowly come out of it.
6. Use the scissors to cut excess glue from the edges of the bowl and you can already enjoy it, just don’t forget that the glue is not water resistant, unless you choose one that is!

This technique also works very well if you want to create a Leaf  Bowl, a Glitter Bowl or a Confetti Bowl. Hope the images will inspire you!


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Photo courtesy: 1. kristentool; 2. hellolucky; 3. misskristurner; 4. vjuliet.

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