Create a Stylish Apparel Without Sewing – DIY

Diy Backless-Shirt Create a stylish apparel using a t-shirt. Choose to add some glam to an ordinary t-shirt, without sewing, by following the steps below and also the images.

You will need:

– t-shirt;
– scissors.


1. Cut the neckline of the t-shirt and also the sleeves (or a part of the sleeves).

2. Bend the back side of the shirt in half.

3. Start cutting about 12 strips – each should be with a dimension of 2 cm.

4. Place the t-shirt on a stand.

5. Pull the strips aside to make them tiny and rolled up.

6. Start plaiting with the first string – take the strip and make a loop in the counterclockwise direction.

7. Fix the loop and orient it down.

8. Put your fingers into the hole and pick up the second string.

9. Rotate the new loop counterclockwise and pick up the third string.

10. Rotate the new loop counterclockwise, put the fingers inside the hole and take the next string.

11. Keep doing so.

12. Important: After pulling the new loop rotate anticlockwise.

13. Continue until you reach the end.

14. At the end, cut the string in half and tie it very well. And Voila!

Diy-Backless-Shirt Photo courtesy: buntefreunde.

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