Crazy “Cinderella Surgery” Women Make

You can change everything about yourself through plastic surgery, it evolved so much throughout the years that now it can give you a completely different look and identity. If you think you have seen it all, you didn’t. Meet Polina Charlikowska with a feet problem that made her feel depressed every time she had to go out and buy shoes. Her fingers were too long and she works in the beauty industry, so she decided to make them shorter with the help of plastic surgery.

Because she felt ashamed for her feet she always bought shoes that were smaller and this caused more injuries and problems making her feet become deformed. She turned to Cinderella surgery which changes the shape and the length of the toes making them more aesthetic by shaving excess bone. This procedure is very popular in America now and it’s getting to be more and more popular in the entire world.

After the surgery, the patient has a difficulty in walking that lasts for two weeks and she is not allowed to exercise for six months. Wonder how much this cost Polina? Around 4500 British pounds. Would you do this procedure if you would have her problem?

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