Correct Sagging Eyelids with This Amazing Makeup Idea – Tutorial

Having sagging eyelids can be difficult especially if you are a fan of makeup and trying out all kind of colors on the lids. But what does sagging eyelids mean? It means that a portion of the skin is covering your eyelids and it’s making you look more tired and like you have closed eyes. Of course this can be corrected with all kind of tricks and we will show you today a tutorial for an amazing makeup that will correct your sagging eyelids and make you look amazing in the same time. Your eyes will look more open and big as we will show you where to create shades and draw lines in order to make sagging eyelids a forgotten issue.

Correct Sagging Eyelids with This Amazing Makeup Idea - Tutorial (2)
To create this look you will need:
– a base color (golden eyeshadow);
– dark eyeshadow (it can be a dark brown or black);
– light eyeshadow (light beige or white);
– green eyeshadow;
– brown pencil;
– mascara;
– makeup brushes.

1. Start with applying the base color to your eyelids and go with it upper toward your brow bone, but not all over to the top.
2. Take a small blending brush with dark eyeshadow and start applying it in continuation of the base color and make a nice angle on the outer corners of the eye as you can see in the pictures.
3. Take the light eyeshadow and apply it in the skin portion that remained without eyeshadow and that is in continuation of the dark one.
4. Take some eyeshadow on a small angled brush and apply it next to the lash line to accentuate the eyes, then with another small brush apply a thin line with green eyeshadow on the lower lash line.
5. Waterline the eyes with brown pencil then add mascara.

Correct Sagging Eyelids with This Amazing Makeup Idea - Tutorial

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