Cool Watermelon Pizza for Summer Days

Cool Watermelon Pizza for Summer Days

What can be more healthy and delicious in summer than cold and refreshing fruits. If you are tired of the classic fruit salads, we have found something more creative than that for you. The watermelon pizza, it is cool, refreshing and ingenious. Either you are having a party or friends coming over, don’t bother baking anything, instead make them and surprise them with this, for sure they haven’t tried or seen this type of “food”.

To make this recipe you will need a watermelon with a large diameter and some random fruits like peaches, kiwi, strawberries and grapes. For the topping you can use grated white chocolate or dried coconut. So, let’s see how you can set up the pizza, just take a 3 fingers thick watermelon slice and decorate it as you wish with the fruits, cut out triangles from it as a normal pizza would look like then top with white chocolate (or some coconut). We are already drooling!

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