Breathtaking Contemporary Rugs by Sonya Winner

Rug-by-Sonya-Winner-1 We all are fascinated by beauty and love to be surrounded by it. But did you ever imagine coming across a floor rug that actually makes your heart skip a beat as you look at it, entranced, and the only word that you can manage is “Wow”? This is what Sonia Winner’s contemporary rugs are all about!

The talented artist loves to work with wool and yarn and for her, this is a medium of choice when it comes to expressing her creativity. Blessed with a gift for blending colours, Sonya seamlessly transforms a common floor rug into a piece of art that is worth collecting.

Her designs are simple geometric or abstract patterns that she weaves around into bursts of colour that can brighten up any room.

She is a favourite with the swish set and also with celebrities, who choose her uncanny ability for creating art on the floors. Her collections are a must-see!

Rug-by-Sonya-Winner-2 Rug-by-Sonya-Winner-3 Rug-by-Sonya-Winner-4 Rug-by-Sonya-Winner-5 Rug-by-Sonya-Winner-6 Rug-by-Sonya-Winner-7

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