Color Influences from the Runway to the Living Room

fashion-+-decor Interior fashion design has known a delay in getting from the runaway presentations into the homes of those who find pleasure in redecorating. The usual circuit is that fashion trends, after the runaway shows, are featured in specialized, glossy magazines and atferwards they get into our wardrobes.

In order to determine the latest trends and styles, many factors are taken into consideration, among the most important being seasons and consumer research. Founder and Director of Fashion + Decor, Gretchen Aubuchon is stating that what differentiates a trend from style is the fact that trends are temporary, but style is everlasting.

Therefore, even if emerald green is the color of the year and there can be found in the clothes we wear and in our home designs in many variations, the best is to focus on your personality, on what best suits your lifestyle. Definitely, it is rather difficult to remain true to a style for a long time when everything around us is rapidly changing and evolving.

This is where trends take the stage, made to break the monotony and maintain a fresh look to your closet. fashion-and-decor-Fashion-+-Decor green-by-gill-shaefer-and-miles-redd Christian-dior-paris tangerine-tango emerald-green-decor blue-and-grey Photo courtesy: random internet images.

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