Clever Idea to Volumize Your Hair

Every woman wants a hair with beautiful volume. There are several hair products for creating awesome volume, but do all of them work? If you want to make sure your hair gets the volume that you want use a hair straightener and with a little skill you can do miracles to your hairstyle. Many girls are blessed with beautiful, thick hair with volume, but for those that are not so fortunate this will be life and perspective changing.

Directions: Before using a hair straightener don’t forget to use heat protectant especially on the area that will be affected. Take a small section of your hair and with the help of a hair clip fix it on the top of your head. You won’t do anything to this hair as it will help you hide the layers you will make with the straightener. Now, you want to start doing the layers in a way that looks like you are doing zig zags with the straightener as you can see in the pictures. Do this on very small sections near the roots because you don’t want them to be visible. Repeat as many times you want this then release the hair that was clipped before on the top of your head and you are done.


Photo courtesy: maskcara.

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