Chocolate Covered Strawberry Christmas Trees – DIY Recipe

Looking for a super fun and interesting recipe for Christmas? Do you want to surprise your loved ones with a delicious and cute looking dessert? If yes, you are in the right place as we have the perfect recipe for you. These small and cute chocolate covered strawberry Christmas trees will be loved by everyone and besides that, you will love them too, not just for their visual impact and effect, but for how easy they are to be made, not much effort and a lot of fun. Stay with us and see how you can make them!

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Christmas Trees - DIY Recipe

– 12 ounces dark green candy melts;
– 1 pound of strawberries with stems removed;
– 24 Oreo cookies;
– sprinkles (to make the snow);
– candy stars (to decorate your tree);
– for the white icing: 2 and half cups of powdered sugar, 3 tbsp heavy cream (add water by the teaspoon and whisk until the desired consistency is reached, it has to be thick as a toothpaste);
– different kitchen utensils and bowls;
– toothpicks.

1. Take a heatproof bowl, put the green candies inside and melt them over hot and steaming water which is in a different bowl. Take care the steam not to get into the candy melts, you want no moisture inside.
2. Now, you will have to take each oreo cookie and add a layer of white icing over. This will help the strawberries to stick to the cookies.
3. Take one toothpick and insert it into a strawberry, then put it through the green candy melts.
4. If there is excess of green candy, gently shake it off and stick the strawberry to the oreo cookie.
5. Quickly decorate with sprinkles while the candy coating it is still wet and add the stars to the top. Everything will dry in about 10 minutes.
6. Your first tree is ready, now continue making the rest and put them on a nice serving plate or tray. Enjoy your holidays!

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