Chocolate Basket Recipe

Today we will share with you the perfect, delicious yet elegant chocolate basket for your candies to rest in.

You will need:
– the bottom side of a glass or china made bowl;
– gourmet compound chocolate;
– molding and “Bada Bing Bada Boom” candy;
– heavy weight dipping sheets.

Directions: The first thing to do is to melt the chocolate following the instructions on the packaging. It is indicated you use a double boiler, and be careful for the water not to touch the bottom side of the boiler and allow it to simmer. Also do not allow the water to reach the boiling point. Cover the bowl in aluminium foil, then start dropping the chocolate over it, doing whatever drawing you desire: abstract or flower inspired. Let the chocolate cool off and solidify on the bottom of your bowl, then carefully take away the aluminium foil and the chocolate basket that resulted. If you are not using the basket immediately, keep it at a low temperature to prevent it from melting.

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