Fashionable Chickens – Should You Clothe Your Poultry in Winter ?

The coldest season of the year is steadily coming closer, and for some, it’s time to take out fur coats and warm clothing from the bottom of the closet. As winter is here, staying warm is the top priority for most of us. However, you might be surprised, that not only humans that would shiver in cold when temperature starts to drop. Nicola Congdon and her mother Ann, realized that the chickens that came from battery cages had thin feathers, and they easily got cold.

Nicola and Ann, who re-home those chickens, found out that the chickens which live under poor conditions in battery cages tend to pull their feathers out in frustration, and found a perfect way for them to stay warm: chicken sweaters.

Now, now. We know how ridiculous it must’ve sound. Chicken sweaters? Like sweaters for chickens? The answer is yes!

Foto: Hencam and Youtube.
Foto: Hencam and Youtube.

According to Nicola, the hens actually love the chicken sweaters she put on them. She knitted the sweaters herself, and has quite a range of chicken sweaters on her collection. Nicola further explained that the chicken sweaters had gotten so popular, she got inquiries from Canada and from her neighbors who would like to purchase the handmade sweaters. This opportunity is used to encourage donations for orphans suffering from AIDS in South Africa.

However, John Suscovich, an experienced Farm Manager at Camps Road Farm, shared his thoughts on the booming chicken sweaters through his Youtube channel. On the video John explained that chickens are actually capable of growing an additional layer of feathers during winter time. He also added that chickens eat more food, generate heat, and capture it in the extra layer of feathers; and thus, they don’t need any knitted wear.

John also warned that putting sweaters on your chicken would have reverse effect, and it’s better to add a little heat to the cage rather than clothing them. It would be much better for the chickens to recoup the lost feathers themselves or keep them indoor. John concluded that chickens have learned to adapt themselves to the weather and won’t need any human intervention to keep them warm.

Bottom line, chicken sweaters are cute, adorable and Pinterest-worthy, but if you’re more concerned about the chickens’ well-being, inform yourself before clothing them.

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