Chic Two-Rooms Apartment Design


Very beautiful decorated and with a comfy air, this apartment located in Hague has the perfect design for a positive lifestyle. Once you enter it, the colourful hall covered in terracotta floor tiles makes you think at sweet bonbons. The lavish Paul Smith patterned wallpaper gives a perky insight into the apartment’s fluid interior design. The rest of the apartment is covered with refined oak parquet flooring. With a cheery and youthful atmosphere, the home has two rooms: a tiny but homey bedroom and a pretty larger living room. The kitchen is designed in a French country style, is permanently caresed by natural light, as are all the other rooms of the apartment. Lying on a complete area of only 62,5 square meters, the home overlooks the lovely Hague Park, stimulating the dweller to take long tranquil walks in the zone. The chic interior of the bedroom offers peaceful nights and fresh mornings. Enjoy!

Haga-Apartment-02 Haga-Apartment-03 Haga-Apartment-04 Haga-Apartment-4 Haga-Apartment-9 Haga-Apartment Haga-Apartment-12 Haga-Apartment-14 Haga-Apartment-17 Haga-Apartment-18 Haga-Apartment-20 Haga-Apartment-11 Haga-Apartment-19 Haga-Apartment-16 Haga-Apartment-13 Haga-Apartment-5 Haga-Apartment-2 Haga-Apartment-15 Photo courtesy: Alvhem.

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