Chic Ombre Curtains – DIY

chic ombre curtains

If you are a fan of ombre things, you will definitely love these curtains. They are dip dyed with pink to create the well-known ombre effect. Sometimes, a single touch of color is sufficient to change the design, inside or outside your house.

You will need:
– curtain fabric (or old plain curtains);
dye color;
– newspapers or nylon to protect the working space.

Directions: Make the dye mixture into a wash bowl, following the instructions. Now, dip your curtains into the dye bath for 3 minutes. Dip again, but only the bottom side, for a darker color result. Hang out to dry and voila! You can dress up the desired spaces! Have fun!

DIY-Ombre-Curtains Photo courtesy: fabdiy.

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