Chic Fingerless Gloves – DIY

Pretty Fingerless Gloves - DIY

Any chic girl knows that nowadays, if you wish to make a special gift to someone, it is much more valuable if you make it yourself, putting some effort into it so that you can prove that you care about the receiver. This is why we thought of sharing with you this special project fingerless ruffled gloves, since it is still cold outside and every girls hands need protection.

You will need:
– a pair of old/cheap gloves that have long arms to add some detail;
– thread and needle;
– scissors;
– buttons or ruffles, small textile flowers or bows, whatever you feel like decorating your gloves with.

Directions: At this point, you have a choice: you either cut only the tips of the fingers, or the entire 4-finger section. Now fold the edges that you cut out and make a hem of about ¼” and stitch it nicely. When you are done with the finishing details, you can start the fun part: sew some fabric flowers, beads, bows, ruffles, ribbons, yarn pom poms or any other embellishments you have prepared. Note that it is preferred to sew the embellishments instead of using a hot glue gun. Use an elastic thread for ruffles or other embellishment that is supposed to go all the way around your glove. Make sure you share with us your results! Enjoy!

Pretty Fingerless Gloves - DIY (2)

Photo courtesy: theandersoncrewblog.

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