Chic Embroidered Sunglasses – DIY

Are you getting bored of classic sunglasses? Even if they have details that differentiate them one from another, they still lack a little of that standing out factor. If you will try out this diy embroidered sunglasses tutorial you will surely be noticed for what you are wearing. It’s not so hard to make them as it seems, so lets see further what you will need and have to do to create them. Check out  the directions below to find the procedure of making a pair.

Chic Embroidered Sunglasses - DIY

What you will need:
– classic sunglasses that have plastic lenses;
– embroidery floss;
– scissors;
– hand held drill;
– a needle that is thin;
– 3/64″ drill bit;
– felt tip marker;
– some nail polish remover and paper tissue;
– paper;
– pencil.

1. Draw out a pattern of your choice on a piece of paper, it should look like a grid. You can draw this pattern you will see in the tutorial or as we said, you can create one of your choice.
2. After you decided on the pattern, copy it with the marker to your glasses.
3. Take the hand drill and make the holes according to the pattern. Take care of not scratching the lenses so use a good amount of pressure.
4. After you have made the holes, clean the marker that is left there with some nail polish remover and a paper tissue.
5. Take the thread, needle (that fits the holes) and the embroidery floss and start threading and making the pattern. Start from the upper corner on both sides going down, change the colors when you have to by always starting from the hole you have finished with the previous one.
6. Do the same for the other side and secure the floss with a double knot.

Photo courtesy: projectdiytoday.

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