Charming Fabric Butterflies – DIY

A delicate little butterfly fluttering around your hair or sitting on your shoulder can make a very pretty sight! And you can make this come true by making hair-pins, brooches and every other imaginable accessory, through strips of cloth that are fashioned into butterflies using the centuries old technique of ‘tsumami kanzashi’. Let us learn how to invite these beauties into our ensemble!

You will need:
– 10 fabric squares in silk, satin or organza (preferably 5 cms wide) in two colours;
– glue gun;
– felt in a rectangular shape of 1×2 cm dimension;
– hair clip, brooch pin etc;
– bobby pins or modelling wire;
– large scissors or tweezers.

Let’s go!
1. Take one square of each color for the rounded wing.
2. Place one over the other and seal the sides so that they do not unravel.
3. Make a pair of small round petals out of the smaller squares.
4. Now make pointy petals by folding the square once diagonally, and then by folding it in two again to make a smaller triangle.
5. Surround the rounded petals with the pointy petals.
6. Measure the wings and cut to re-size them.
7. Now, for the body, prepare a shallow pointy petal, which is cut off slightly from the base.
8. Prepare a small and short pointy round petal for the head.
9. Now glue the upper wing to the lower wings.
10. Use the glue gun to attach the two sides of the butterfly one by one and wait until the glue hardens.
11. Now glue the head to the body.
12. Use bobby pins or modelling wire to make antennae and attach these to the head with glue.
13. Attach the felt piece to the back of the butterfly and glue on your hair clip or brooch.

Your fantastic accessory is ready to win hearts! Charming and feminine, these little butterflies are a delight to create and just as magnificent to wear!

Charming Fabric Butterflies - DIY

Source: andrea.bede.

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