Unique Crochet Lace Shorts – DIY

If you like to look different and you are always in search for unique looking clothes you will love these crochet shorts that we are presenting you in our article. They are perfect in summer
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25 Ways To Tie A Scarf

Scarves are a must in every woman and man’s wardrobe no matter the season. From warm ones, to light and silky ones, every person should
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Skirt Guide

Skirt Guide – Types of SKirts
Skirts are a statement of femininity. Either you are into minis, midis or maxis this guide will give you an idea of what interesting skirt
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Creative Ways on How to Wear Jeans

Creative Ways on How to Wear Jeans

We think that there is no woman in this world that hasn’t worn jeans at one point in her life. Jeans are very comfortable and suitable for various occasions. Either you go for a walk,
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Vibrant Island Colors for Summer by Ralph Lauren

The Summer 2013 collection by Ralph Lauren is loaded with multiple exotic colours, paisley prints and flowing silhouettes. The casual, yet fashionably stylish pieces have vivacious tones of blue, green, yellow, pink and beautiful, eye catching
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