How To Make Ombre Shoes

How to Make Ombre Shoes

People are so creative these days, when a new trend comes, they find ways to integrate it in their lives in different ways. Ombre is a trend that caught up big the past few years and ... Continue Reading →
Make High Heels Feel More Comfortable

Make High Heels Feel More Comfortable

It’s amazing how much wearing a specific shoe can influence our general mood and sense of comfort. If you are the type of woman who wears high heels very often or has to wear heels ... Continue Reading →
Strange High Heels

Strange High Heels

Despite medical advice remember that heels affect our health and nothing compares with a pair of heels well chosen. Since their invention, heels were a symbol of ... Continue Reading →
Brightlight Big City Sneakers

Brightlight Big City Sneakers

Every girl can speak for hours about the importance of sneakers in her wardrobe and you can double those hours if you want her to tell you about the importance of ... Continue Reading →
2. How to Make Over the Knee Leather Boots - DIY

How to Make Over the Knee Leather Boots – DIY

Everybody loves these new over the knee baggy boots. But we have to admit, they can get quite expensive. Therefore, we thought: why not try to do this yourself? And here we found some ... Continue Reading →
Pliable camping shoes

Pliable Camping Shoes

Timberland Radler Trail Camp Boat Camping Shoes feature the unique ability to be folded in half and zipped up, being easy to carry when you do not wear them. These ... Continue Reading →

Original High Heel Designs by Kobi Levi

The footwear designer Kobi Levi, from Israel, creates some of the most unusual high heels beeing inspired by the everyday objects. In this way, he incorporates them ... Continue Reading →
Despicable Me Minions Painted Shoes

Despicable Me Minions Custom Painted Shoes

Many of us love the Despicable Me movie where the minions are very awesome characters. What about taking minions with us everywhere we go? The solution is to wear ... Continue Reading →

Stash Sandals by Reef

Reef its a brand for beach wear and launched an amazing model known as Stash Reef. These shoes are very useful for people who’s hardworking to go to beach, ... Continue Reading →
Crochet summer boots

Crochet Boots

It is considered that the crochet and knitted things are for winter season and also the boots. What about crochet boots for Summer? If you are a fan of bright impressions, ... Continue Reading →