DIY No Sew One Shoulder Shirt 12

No Sew One Shoulder Shirt – DIY

Here we have an amazing idea, shared by Anne Hollabaugh from WobiSobi, about making a lovely shirt for women using a men t-shirt. You will need: - (extra large) men T-shirt. -scissors -chalk How to do
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The Comfort-U Body Pillow

comfortable-pillow-1 (1)
Ideal for bed, floor or couch, this amazing pillow has a special design giving you numerous comfort choices to cushion and cradle your body’s load
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shoe hanger

Shoe Hanger – DIY Tutorial

EPBOT came with an amazing idea of storing shoes: a left over curtain rod mounted on two shelf brackets, and lots of modified hangers. To make the shoe hangers, you will need: -pliers -wire hangers
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princess set bed

Children Bed Sets with Life-Size Prints

SNURK made an amazing thing, absolutely new and funny, that will be coveted by kids and even parents because of the style and quality of the products. The Amsterdam based brand introduced 3 wonderful children’s
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Evian Baby T-Shirt

evian baby t shirt
If you’re a big baby at heart, then you should wear Evian Baby T-Shirt. In the Baby Inside campaign, some adults are shown dancing while
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