High Heeled Stiletto Shoe Chair 2

High Heeled Stiletto Shoe Chair

Make a bold change in your room with any of these amazing high heel chairs including leopard, dalmatian, zebra stripe and other cool animal print high heel chairs as a focal point. Fashioned from the
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evian baby t shirt

Evian Baby T-Shirt

If you’re a big baby at heart, then you should wear Evian Baby T-Shirt. In the Baby Inside campaign, some adults are shown dancing while wearing white T-shirts imprinted with the body of one of
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How-to-re-purpose-an-old-t-shirt-into-a-twisted-Turban-headband-step-by-step-DIY-tutorial-instructions (1)

Beautiful Twisted Turban Headband – DIY

Headbands are lovely accessories that combine fashion with practical/utilitarian purposes holding hair away from the face or eyes. In this way, Melissa from HoneyBeeVintage was very inspired to show us how a headband can be
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Scarf Hanger – DIY

scarf hanger 4
Scarves are fashion accessories that keep you warm and stylish. However, with many scarves comes the need for some great organization so that you don’t
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Beautify Your Shoes Using Simple Ribbon

Decorating your shoes with lovely ruffles will give your style a note of glamorous look and for sure you will draw everyone`s attention. Let`s find out the procedure of applying ruffles. Step 1. Choose ribbon
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