DIY-Dress-from skirt

No Sew Slip Dress – DIY

Kier from FashionAddict made this stylish dress, perfect for the hot Summer days, recycling a maxi skirt. The steps below will help you to do the same. Also the pictures above. Enjoy! 1. Begin with
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make up magnets board

Make-up Magnet Board – DIY

Digging through the cosmetics to see what you have and find what you want is often a pain. You need a way to display them all and Laura Wiebe from LauraThoughts came with the amazing
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The Comfort-U Body Pillow

comfortable-pillow-1 (1)
Ideal for bed, floor or couch, this amazing pillow has a special design giving you numerous comfort choices to cushion and cradle your body’s load
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High Heeled Stiletto Shoe Chair 2

High Heeled Stiletto Shoe Chair

Make a bold change in your room with any of these amazing high heel chairs including leopard, dalmatian, zebra stripe and other cool animal print high heel chairs as a focal point. Fashioned from the
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