Charming Swedish Apartment Design

Swedish home design
Located in Gothenburg, Sweden, in a delightfully reconditioned building, this apartment preserves beautiful points of the past, including an unique turn of the century fireplace. Even if
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Unique Apartment Design in Moscow

In designing this home from Moscow, Ekaterina Avrutskaya (designer) and Alexander Akinkin (architect) came up with interesting solutions. The 13 Fox Masques Apartment was originally
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Matroshka – Compact Living Concept

In Russian, Matrjosjka  represents grandmother and is used in popular language to present the wooden dools that are situated inside each other. As showed by the covert space within the dolls, the has the possibility to
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Sophisticated Loft Design

Situated in Bansko, a sky resort from Bulgaria, this exquisite loft is part of Fimera Design Studio’s portfolio. The 350 square meter apartment gives a feeling
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