The Polish Mountain

Applying nail polish, despite the satisfying final result, is often preceded by a gruesome process. While you can’t wait to boast about your new nail color on Snapchat or Instagram, applying coats of nail polish
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The X-Loop Knotted Braid

The X-Loop Knotty Braid
Playing around with hair is probably the most entertaining activities that also end up making us look gorgeous! For those of us blessed with long,
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Dreamy Curls with Bubble Wrap (2)

Dreamy Curls with Bubble Wrap

Soft dreamy curls are any girls’ ultimate fantasy! They catch the sunlight at the perfect angles and give you a bouncy, sprightly, and confident persona. And of course, these gorgeous curls go with just about
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sunset hairstyle

Sunset Styling for Your Hair

Nature is an artist’s biggest inspiration, and one that will never cease to amaze you. One such miracle of nature is an awe-inspiring sunset. With colors and palettes that supersede anyone’s imagination, the colours of the
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