The Polish Mountain

Applying nail polish, despite the satisfying final result, is often preceded by a gruesome process. While you can’t wait to boast about your new nail
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Dealing With Acne As An Adult

Having skin problems, such as acne, is awful; no matter how old are you. Regardless of your gender, dealing with visible zits or pimples will always be tiring and mentally draining. When you were a
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The X-Loop Knotted Braid

The X-Loop Knotty Braid
Playing around with hair is probably the most entertaining activities that also end up making us look gorgeous! For those of us blessed with long,
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Reasons to Steer Clear of Tattoos

Reasons to Steer Clear of Tattoos

Whether it’s a spur of the moment, or something you’ve been planning over the years, you must have agreed that at least once, at one point in our life, we have the urge to get
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