Wonderful Braiding Idea

Here we have a hairstyle idea that might seem difficult, but if you meticulously follow the steps, the result would be amazing. Directions: 1. Center the part of the hair and start braiding from one
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Ringlet Headband Hairstyle

Ringlet Headband Hairstyle

This hairstyle looks so great and is quick and simple enough to make. Check out the directions, the pictures and the video below and do it yourself. You will need: - thin headband; - some
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Idea to Make Curly Hairstyle

A long curly hairstyle can be described as soft and elegant, giving you a romantic allure. In this tutorial you will find an ingenious way to make perfect curls. You will need: - a few
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Butterfly Hairstyle

butterfly hairstyle 1
This type of hairstyle is elegant and funny at the same time. To make a butterfly from your hair is a little unusual, but the
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