Pin up girl hair

Vintage Pin Up Hairstyle

Styling your hair at home is easy when you have someone showing you what to do. Here are some examples on how to do pin up hairstyle. You will need: - a square scarf; -
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Butterfly Hairstyle

butterfly hairstyle 1
This type of hairstyle is elegant and funny at the same time. To make a butterfly from your hair is a little unusual, but the
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Rope Braid

Amazing Hairstyle: Rope Braid

Braids are so fashionable hairstyles, but not easy to do. However, the skills could be learnt through exercises and the results will definitely be some amazing ones. Now, we present how to make a lovely
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fishtail bun1

Messy Fishtail Bun

In this tutorial you will find how to realize a messy fishtail bun in a simple and quick way. Follow the steps below for a great result: 1. Split hair into two equal parts: aleft
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