Stylish Cat Stockings

Tunics, skirts and dresses look even more fabulous when we team them up with sassy stockings! And the shops are full of designs and colors
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zipper bow tie

Zipper Bow Tie

The amazing thing is that a bow tie can be worn with almost everything. Yet, in daily life, a bow tie can be worn with jeans or pair of sneakers for example, or with more
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Entangled Jewellery Collection by NIIRO

No one can actually deny that jewellery improves your look, but this entangled jewelry collection by  NIIRO would take the word “beauty” to a whole new level. Rosana Raljević Ceglar (also known as Niiro), a jewelry
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The World of Versace Watches 6

The World of Versace Watches

The Versace watches collection is made in a continued manufacturing tradition, expressing the ultimate prestigious style of the fashion house. The items are designed and created in the italian fashion house luxurious spirit.  Their logos represented by the
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