Entangled Jewellery Collection by NIIRO

No one can actually deny that jewellery improves your look, but this entangled jewelry collection by  NIIRO would take the word “beauty” to a whole new level. Rosana Raljević Ceglar (also known as Niiro), a jewelry
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Choosing Necklaces for Necklines

Choosing necklaces for necklines
Various necklines look better with suitable necklace styles. Let`s see the best combinations presented by Imogen Lamport and detailed by Inside Out Style: Turtle necks – best with
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The World of Versace Watches

The World of Versace Watches 6
The Versace watches collection is made in a continued manufacturing tradition, expressing the ultimate prestigious style of the fashion house. The items are designed and created in
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chic sunglasses

Fabulous Sunglasses

Accessories are the key pieces to make an outfit stand out.  Either for sun protection or just for a fabulous, mysterious appearance, any woman should invest in at least a pair of stylish sunglasses that can
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Michael Kors Sunny Summer 2013

Michael Kors comes this Summer with an amazing collection of refined luxury accessories as bags, wallets, watches, bracelets, necklaces, giving a glamorous note to your
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Iconic Alma Bag from Louis Vuitton

A handbag is probably one of our most important accessories, which also make the ultimate fashion statement! Most of us fashionistas must be aware of the famous Alma, the iconic bag from Louis Vuitton. After almost 80
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