Stylish Cat Stockings

Tunics, skirts and dresses look even more fabulous when we team them up with sassy stockings! And the shops are full of designs and colors that complement your attire and add that extra zing! But
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Zipper Bow Tie

zipper bow tie
The amazing thing is that a bow tie can be worn with almost everything. Yet, in daily life, a bow tie can be worn with
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Gothic Earrings You’d Love to Have

There are plenty of gorgeous earrings on the market, but if you’re a fan of anything dark and mysterious, you’d seriously love these gothic earrings. Most of the time we associate earrings (or jewelries in
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The World of Versace Watches

The World of Versace Watches 6
The Versace watches collection is made in a continued manufacturing tradition, expressing the ultimate prestigious style of the fashion house. The items are designed and created in
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Fabulous Sunglasses

chic sunglasses
Accessories are the key pieces to make an outfit stand out.  Either for sun protection or just for a fabulous, mysterious appearance, any woman should invest
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Michael Kors Sunny Summer 2013

Michael Kors comes this Summer with an amazing collection of refined luxury accessories as bags, wallets, watches, bracelets, necklaces, giving a glamorous note to your style. For this season, Michael Kors aims to provide all
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