Beautiful Egyptian Themed Collar Necklaces

Beautiful Egyptian Themed Collar Necklaces

Inspired by Egyptian jewelry, these collar necklaces are a reinvented classic that combines contemporary geometrical shapes and color palette with ancient mythological motifs. The necklaces include a diversity of bead shapes as well as materials,
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Vintage Spoon Pendants

This amazing necklaces are created from vintage spoons. They have an ideal size for anyone, not too large or small, being light and very comfortable
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Stylish Cat Stockings

Tunics, skirts and dresses look even more fabulous when we team them up with sassy stockings! And the shops are full of designs and colours that complement your attire and add that extra zing! But
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Zipper Bow Tie

zipper bow tie
The amazing thing is that a bow tie can be worn with almost everything. Yet, in daily life, a bow tie can be worn with
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Creative Earring Designs

Jewelries are very significant accessories for women, especially the earrings which are very commonly used in daily life, any formal and casual event or party.  A new trend has been started of designing rings for your
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