Cat O’Lanterns for Halloween in 6 Easy Steps

It is time to give the Halloween a twist with these adorable glossy cats carved out of pumpkins! Differing from the traditional Jack O’ Lanterns, these cats invoke an innovative charm and are easy to make with some very basic materials. Let us learn how:
You will need:
– the following shapes of pumpkins: long pear shaped, round chubby shaped, sideways elongated (for a sitting cat on its haunches, a chubby cat sitting, and a lazy cat sitting hunched sideways); small round shaped – for the heads; mini pumpkins – for the paws;
– cucumber for the tail;
– black felt paper;
– scissors;
– scooping knife;
– black spray paint;
– old newspaper.


1. Take the small pumpkin and cut the top off. Scoop the insides clean and invert it upside down on the base of the pumpkin so that it fits. You may also carve the opening slightly to adjust.

2. We will now carve out the eyes. Set the head on the base to decide where the eyes should come. Draw the eyes on (see template) first and then carve them for greater accuracy.

3. Time for the ears! Using the felt paper, cut out two pointy cat-like ears and mark their positions on the head with a pen. Here, carve out two shallow grooves, preferably crescent shaped, so that the ears appear more natural!

4. Prepare a work area outside your house for some spray painting. Firstly, stuff the head with crumpled newspaper. Cover all the pumpkins, mini pumpkins as well as the cucumber with a couple of thin coats of black spray paint. After drying, you may remove the paper stuffing and insert the ears.

5. Check to see if the head wobbles. If it does, you could pound a couple of floral picks into the body.
Step 6: Now, put in a short tea-light, preferably on a dish to catch any drips. Stick this to the top of the big pumpkin with a small ball of clay or putty. The head can now be attached. Place the tail and paws next to the body and position the cat!

A meow-maniacal attack is set to watch over all those trick-or-treaters who buzz around your doorstep!

Cat O’Lanterns for Halloween in 6 Easy Steps

Source: Sunset.

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