Bring Everyone Together This Fall With A Caramel Apple Dipping Party

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Nothing tops a caramel apple dipping party when it’s fall! The fall-inspired treat is well-liked by almost everyone; both kids and adults alike. Plus, the caramel apples require no special ingredient that you can hardly get. Nothing tops a caramel apple dipping party when it’s fall!

To begin, you’d need some apples (obviously, duh!) and one package of caramels. Granny Smith apples are preferred, but you can also use any kind of apples. For the toppings, you’d need chopped up peanuts, then pour in your favorite candy, sprinkles and chocolate chips. Go wild and be as creative! Finally, you need to insert a wood stick or fallen branches from your yard (make sure to clean them thoroughly first!) through your apple core and dip it in the topping.

Dipping the apples in the caramel is definitely the highlight of the party; and we have several ways on how you can get the most fun. Basically there are 3 different “techniques” you can choose from: drizzle, dunk, or roll.

Drizzle technique requires you to pour the heated caramel into a plastic zip-top bag and pushing it to the bottom. Then, snip a small hole for the caramel to drizzle out of and on to the apples. It’s similar to how you squeeze out whipping cream when decorating cakes.

Next, we have the dunk. Place the caramel in a deep enough bowl to dunk your apples into and get to dipping. Yep. That’s all you’d need to do. Simple, hassle-free, and the best part, ~all that caramel~.

Finally, we have the roll. This is just like the dunk, but with less caramel (boohoo!). Take a piece of parchment paper and spread out the caramel evenly. Quickly roll the apple and leave it onto your cardboard cutouts to harden the caramel.

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